Demand for an inquisition into Mohawk’s Killing


Kenyans United Against Poaching (KUAPO Trust) along with several other organisations and Kenyans are demanding that an inquisition be held into the events that led to the killing of Mohawk. We believe that his death is symptomatic of the systemic issues within the Kenya Wildlife Service specifically around human-wildlife conflict and problem animal control. Furthermore, we believe that concerted efforts need to be made to secure the broader Nairobi National Park ecosystem for the safety of both our wildlife and our human population.

We share the outrage of Kenya and world citizens at the senseless killing of Mohawk as well as the avoidable injury to the motorcyclist. Mohawk’s death must not be in vain. We must learn from this experience and ensure that such a situation is not repeated again. For this a proper understanding of the events is required to reform policy and take concrete actions. This should also involve joint dialogue with all stakeholders. We want to help make this change. We can help make this change.

For more details, please read our full joint statement of demand to the CS, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and the DG, Kenya Wildlife Service. (…/demand-for-inquisition-…)

KUAPO, Eseriani Wildlife Association, Ulinzi Africa Foundation, Walk With Rangers, Lights For Life,Jane Goodall Institute – Roots & Shoots Kenya, Safari Exposure Tours Ltd, A Walk for Wildlife, Athi Kapiti Wildlife Conservancies, Lion Entry Deterrent Systems

Artwork by Ken Cunningham



7 thoughts on “Demand for an inquisition into Mohawk’s Killing

  1. These rangers have no business being in their field. They have sworn to protect wildlife, NOT torture them. It is criminal what was done to Mohawk. The rangers should be terminated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Rest in Peace Mohawk. I pray justice will be served in your name.

    1. #justice for MOHAWK…Rest in love king…I will miss u KING MOHAWK. Kenya was ur fatherland and your kingdom…

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