Traditional Conservation Wisdom Repository

For centuries, Africans have lived in harmony with the environment following their own traditional wisdom. Wisdom that allowed forests to thrive and wildlife to survive. Today, as we have adopted “Western” philosophies of conservation – we have largely forgotten this wisdom. At KUAPO, we strongly believe that the integration of this traditional wisdom together with modern wildlife conservation practices can lead to a more integrated and community driven conservation agenda. Accordingly we are developing a repository of traditional conservation wisdom across Kenya (and even Africa and the world at large)

This page will serve as this repository and we encourage you all to share your knowledge with us here so we can start to work towards a national conservation agenda that brings back our traditional conservation wisdom into the mainstream – where it certainly belongs and will have impact as it did for all those centuries before.

Here you can find links and information to delve deeper into the traditional conservation wisdom.

Traditional wisdom of Mijikenda people in forest conservation management

Sabaot customs and taboos for conservation of elephants and other wildlife

Meru traditional conservation wisdom preserving the forests around

The Taita Way – Traditional customs and wisdom for environmental conservation

Bio-cultural Community Protocols 



Aboriginal traditional culture and wisdom

Burkina Faso traditional wisdom