KUAPO Initiatives

Grassroots Efforts

  • Several community sensitization workshops in the Samburu area with Osotua Wildlife Foundation
  • Tamaduni Za KiAfrica Zaboresha Uhifadhi (African Traditions and Culture Make Conservation Better) with Amara Conservation, Tsavo Pride, Njavungo Council of Elders and KWS
  • Assistance of grassroots members on strategic issues, data capture issues, communications tools
  • Media Workshop to bring grassroots to the fore
  • Hotspot mapping and safe conduit for confidential information


  • Wanyama Urithi Wetu – Wildlife is Our Heritage walks in Kenya in 2013
  • Wildllife Bill – Advocating against consumptive use clauses, for more involvement of communities in wildlife conservation
  • Core strategy members of Global March for Elephants and Rhinos
  • Save the Arabuko Sokoke Forest – Say no to Oil. (Supporting the local communities and conservation stakeholders)
  • Waa Whale Shark Sanctuary /Aka Seaquarium/ Aka East AFrican Whale Shark Trust – Efforts to stop exploitation of Whale Sharks and making them captive
  • Standard Gauge Railway and Southern Bypass – Efforts to stop development from excising Nairobi National Park land
  • Solidarity demonstration to support ODPP and Judiciary in Feisal case



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