Our Vision: People of Kenya as caretakers of wildlife, embracing age-old philosophy and cultures to innovate conservation models promoting environmental and social well-being.

Our Mission: Empower grassroots initiatives to create positive change within their ecosystem and spark a paradigm shift in conservation models.

Our ultimate outcomes

Empowered grassroots initiatives are creating positive change within their ecosystem.

Conservation paradigm shift towards the authentic inclusion of local people and genuine conservation efforts. There is national harmonisation of the needs of human development and environmental conservation.

Cohesive, Value driven organisation achieving our vision & mission to scale.


Kuapo Trust Values Venn


People and Environment on the Brink 

Separation of local people from the management of their resources has coincided with massive environmental destruction and decline in quality of life for people in rural Kenya. There is a lack of confidence that Kenyans can manage their resources due to the perception that locals do not care, do not have the knowledge or capacity to solve problems or are too impoverished to do so.

Our Background

Since our inception in 2013, KUAPO has been a conduit for the voice of Kenyan people. Post the tragic killing of 11 elephants in the Tsavo ecosystem, KUAPO organised a powerful demonstration that rocked the streets of Nairobi as citizens marched in protest. This protest led to a groundswell of support from across the country. We were overwhelmed by Kenyans looking for an opportunity to speak out about the state of conservation, we listened. By reaching far-and-wide and empowering communities to have their say, KUAPO was able to create pressure that resulted in these crucial outputs:
(a) the creation of national judiciary dialogues around wildlife and environmental crimes
(b) the government recognised the voice of Kenyans, and
(c) the development of a safe space for grassroots initiatives, individuals tovoice their concerns without fear of recrimination.

KUAPO then grew from a movement to a network – a network that supported various grassroots initiatives around the country in their efforts to live peacefully with wildlife, including but not limited to addressing issues around poaching. Our interactions within the network and the members of KUAPO led to the clear realisation that the conservation space in Kenya needed a paradigm shift and that grassroots efforts in conservation have a chronic need for support in both resources and capacity.

KUAPO is here to bring change. Today we are evolving again to provide consultancy and advocacy to grassroots conservation initiatives.

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