British Tourists Get An Unforgettable Life Lesson

Life, all life, is important.

This is a lesson a van-load of British tourists must have learned the hard way after shooting to its death a duck for pleasure. One thing followed the other in a hasty chronology that must have left the excited lovers of blood sport scared out of their wits. It probably did not matter to them as they aimed, shot and killed what must have been copious numbers of wild ducks in Kinangop area of Nyandarwa County. After all, these, they must have reasoned, are just but mere birds.

As blood sport lovers, they must have felt immense, but malicious, pleasure as they pulled trigger and killed the poor birds. But God, or Mother Nature, was about to teach them an unforgettable lesson…Nature or God must have vowed; “Senseless beings, you so wantonly destroy life forms you had no hand in creating. But I will teach you how to live and let live.”

Then it happened. Before starting their inhumane escapade, the well-to-do UK nationals had hired local boys to be fetching them the dead birds after shooting them. When one of ducks was shot, its lifeless body fell into a dam. Then one of the boy (he must have been paid what could have merely bought him several chapatis and bean stew) rushed to the water hoping to grab it and hand it over as a quarry to the now excited killer.

Unfortunately, the poor boy could not swim. And just like the bird, he lost his life. When local people heard the news, they could not take it. They rushed to the scene and in deep anger decided to burn the tourist van and lynch the UK nationals. But unlike the boy and the duck, the latter were lucky. They were saved from the angry mob by the local police. This is because in this world, when you have money, you can get away with anything! But perhaps some of the message may have seeped through….

Fortunately for Kenya’s birds, the new wildlife law has outlawed bird shooting. The law has also spared local poor people from losing their lives in such a manner.

Long live the Law!!! Long live Kenya’s Wildlife!!! Down with Blood Sport!!!!