The cry was loud. The cry was clear.  Save our Park – Re-route the SGR.

Today (October 17th, 2016), close to a 100 people from all walks of life came together to tell China to “Respect Our Laws.” In what is now the fourth such protest march, the Save Nairobi National Park campaign coalition decided it was time to target the financiers and the construction company behind SGR Phase 2. China EXIM Bank and CCCC.

We all gathered at the CCTV Africa offices to start our walk to the Chinese Embassy. The point was to hit as many of the areas where Chinese businesses exist in Nairobi en-route to delivering our petition to the Chinese Embassy. A petition asking them to honor the laws of our country that are currently being flouted by the SGR Phase 2A process.

CCTV Africa very rudely and in the most hostile manner possible accepted the petition we left with them. At the Chinese Embassy, we were treated to closed doors and the immediate arrival of police (some with tear gas) who asked us to disperse immediately. They then walked the remaining marchers to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where we were finally able to hand over the petition in a civilized and respected manner.

Accompanying the march was a tweet storm automated and hosted thanks to the Global March for Elephants.

Our voices are growing, our voices are getting louder.


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