Call for submissions on NWS-2030 by the Ministry of Tourisim & Wildlife

Wildlife Strategy 2030 Document for Public Input May 2018

If you would like to submit your views on the above linked National Wildlife Strategy  2030, you can do so by emailing and

KUAPO trust will be in attendance at the launch of this document to be held on Tuesday the 12th of June at KICC, Nairobi from 6 pm. In the participatory spirit of this document, we hope to get the opportunity to express our concerns and would invite you to join us. If you are unable to attend, please feel free to email ( your worries to us, and we will endeavour to represent you at the meeting.

We would like to congratulate the Ministry of Tourism & Wildlife for taking the initiative to draft this National Wildlife Strategy 2030 (NWS 2030) to “represent the collective aspirations of all Kenyans and present opportunities to transform the conservation and management of our wildlife”. We are in full support of the development of an implementable strategy which can guide us to successfully engage all Kenyans in restoring healthy ecosystems and wildlife populations for the benefit of all, in fact, this is central to our own organisation’s vision. Furthermore, we believe that above and beyond the environments direct and indirect economic contribution we must acknowledge that without healthy ecosystems, human life cannot be sustained.

We have already reached out to the Ministry with our concerns and requested for the full version of this document including the annexes so that it can be more thoroughly evaluated. We are looking forward to a response at which stage we will share the steps you can take to participate in the formulation of this critical strategy.

We will keep you posted!





Wildlife Strategy 2030 Document for Public Input May 2018

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