Kenyans United Against Poaching – KUAPO  (incorporated as KENYANS UNITED AGAINST POACHING TRUST)

Uniting Kenyans, Conserving Our Heritage, Celebrating Our Diversity

Our Vision: A national conservation agenda that actively involves the People of Kenya as caretakers of wildlife by embracing age-old philosophy, traditions, and cultures alongside newer practices for the purpose of eradicating poaching and other environment and wildlife crimes and promoting environmental and social well-being.

Our Mission: To bring a complete halt to poaching and other wildlife and environmental crimes and promote environmental and social well being  in Kenya through a participatory approach that inculcates ethics, honesty and age-old cultural conservation practices as well as respect for the individual and joint contribution of all the members.

KUAPO was formed in January 2013 following the killing of a family of 11 elephants and we took to the streets of Kenya urging over government to take stern action, calling upon the judiciary to set up a special court for wildlife crimes in poaching hotspots and asking the President to declare Poaching a National Disaster. We also held a media workshop and two dialogues with law enforcement agencies.

Our specific objectives are to:

1. Create a mass movement that focuses on connecting Kenyans to field and community based initiatives that embrace traditional/cultural conservation values and eco-system knowledge that would also give back the ownership of conservation to the grassroots.

2. Advocate for grassroots conservation issues at the local, national and international level. Become a platform for the voice of the people, help them to lobby for a national conservation agenda that harmonizes traditional and cultural conservation practices alongside other approaches.

3. Conduct and/or facilitate anti-poaching campaigns, community engagement and education campaigns on pertinent laws, legal issues, infrastructure development and land use etc. across the country.

4. Develop strong ties with businesses directly linked to wildlife e.g., tourism (KATO, KTB, Tour Operators etc) for purposes of undertaking mutually agreed conservation activities.

5. Work in partnership with local business and government bodies to develop alternative & environmentally sustainable income generation opportunities for Kenyans in rural areas, especially those currently engaging in environmentally destructive activities through job creation ( e.g., corporate partnerships) and/or micro-enterprise development through training, access to finance & marketing support.

For more details – download our brochure here

Email us at: info@kuapotrust.org

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/KenyansUnitedAgainstPoaching


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  2. Kidon Mkuu says:

    Kidon Mkuu ni mwanaharakati wa wanyama pori na mazingira, kutoka Tanzania ninapenda kuwaunga mkono na kuwa pamoja na Wakenya wote wanapinga wanyama pori kuuwawa, mtakapokuwa na mikutano yenu ninaomba mnikaribishe niungane na ninyi.

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