Tamaduni team holds a debrief meeting in Voi

A more detailed brief will follow – for now here’s a quick update on the debrief meeting held in Voi on November 3rd with all the collaborators on the Tamaduni program.

The meeting lasted all day and was focused on the issues raised by the communities, challenges in implementation and recommendations for the way forward.

During the deliberations we found out that the program has already started to have an impact. Four of the eight towns that were visited have already formed their own anti-poaching groups under the wings of the Njavungo Council and are ready to take things to the next level – and a fifth is gearing up to do the same.

We congratulate Buguta, Bungule, Kishushe and Godoma for taking these steps so quickly. Mwakitau community will follow suit shortly.

Furthermore, we heard from KWS that they have found the program enormously helpful in creating and/or cementing ties with the community. In fact a community with which they had a rocky relationship is now calling them with information and working with them to stop wildlife crime. KWS are integral part of the team and it is exciting to hear that their objectives are so clearly being met by the Tamaduni program.

As we move forward, there are two main paths we will follow. One is to continue spreading the conservation practices education across the taita-taveta county and the second is to go back to the villages already visited and address the concerns, issues and actions etc that were raised at those villages.

The Tamaduni team comprising of the Njavungo Council of Elders, Kenya Wildife Service, Amara Conservation and KUAPO will be working hard over the next months to develop this way forward with the Njavungo at the helm.

We hope that we have your continued support in making this happen.

Detailed Report follow.


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