Fungua Roho – Collaboration in Conservation

KUAPO had the pleasure of attending the Wildlife Sector NGOs sensitization Meeting at Nairobi Safari Walk, KWS HQs today. The message of the day was clear and simple – we must work together, we must collaborate to save our wildlife.

KWS and the Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources acknowledged the role of NGOs in conservation of Kenya’s wildlife heritage but also stressed that divisiveness and competition between NGOs and KWS was counterproductive.

The meeting was a follow up from a meeting in November, 2013 where similar issues were discussed.

Key Messages from the Meeting:
1. Collaboration between KWS and NGOs is the only way forward. We must be one voice.
2. Implementation of Wildlife Act requires 25 sub legislations to be developed. The Nature Conservancy is leading the charge here but it will be an inclusive process.
3. Information sharing is critical and KWS does have to be abide by the constitution and will develop a process to harmonize and share data.
4. A National NGO Forum – umbrella group will be formed to structure engagement between KWS and Wildlife NGOs
5. Space for wildlife & bushmeat poaching are bigger threats to wildlife conservation than poaching of elephants and rhinos

KWS Acting Director – William Kiprono states his case at the Wildlife NGOs sensitization meeting.

The presentations by KWS were followed by a lively question and answer session which focused on information sharing, education, the proper use of innovation, physical planning – mapping of corridors, and the development of the national NGO Forum. You can read the details in the attached document here.

KWS and the Ministry have promised the following documents/actions will be undertaken on in the next couple of months:

  1. Circulation of Taskforce on Wildlife Security Report
  2. Wildlife Census – State of Wildlife Conservation – annually
  3. Development of Mechanism for harmonization and dissemination of information
  4. Preparation of Wildlife resource monitoring report – Cabinet Secretary
  5. Setting up of National NGO Forum
  6. Feedback on wildlife corridor map after consultation with ministry of lands

We look forward to the meeting in January 2015. Till then “Fungua Roho”, as Director Kiprono said and lets figure out how to work together for the better of our wildlife and our communities. It is incumbent upon us all in the Wildlife NGOs sector to follow through and follow up, to hold KWS to the above as we hold ourselves to it as well.

Onwards and upwards!


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