Kenyans Say No to “Sustained Abuse” – We Love Our Lions.

Posted: March 18, 2014 in Uncategorized


Citizens of Kenya ask South Africa to ban lion farming, canned hunting and any form of sustainable use of wildlife. 

Sustainable use = Sustained Abuse

The citizens of South Africa are raising their voices today and the world is joining them. We all want the South African government to ban lion farming, canned hunting and trophy hunting with immediate effect. In 55 cities across the world, from Stockholm to Sao Paolo, from Vancouver to Melbourne, Hong Kong to Cape Town – citizens of the world are roaring for a cause.

Today there are less than 30,000 lions left in the wild – the canned hunting industry is further jeopardizing the survival of these wild lions as they are being caught to be kept on farms and hunted and they are feeding a growing industry for lion bones which is leading to more poaching of lions in the wild. The practice of canned hunting is an abomination, which involves willful acts of cruelty seemingly already banned by the South African government. Today, for lions across Africa, we ask them to enforce this ban and put an end to the cruelty.

In Kenya, we call upon the Government and the Kenya Wildlife Service to recognize the threat to our lion populations locally and to ensure that Kenya does not commit the same mistakes as our fellow brothers in South Africa. Let us pledge today to steer clear of “sustainable use” or “consumptive use” of wildlife and live up to our morals as a nation that does not believe that killing is conservation.

Simply put, lions were never meant to be canned. Let them roam, wild and free. Let all our wildlife, roam wild and free.

We also want to take this opportunity to express our deepest concern at the growing rates of poaching in the country. This year alone we have already lost 15 Rhinos – 13 to poaching incidents and 2 that drowned. With only approximately a 1000 rhinos left in Kenya per the last census in 2009, it will only be a few short years before our rhino population is completely wiped out.  We cannot stand by and let this happen. There is a clear signal that poachers continue to operate with impunity – even with an enactment of harsh laws – it seems that some are beyond the reaches of the long arm of the law and are not deterred by life imprisonment or hefty fines. Lake Nakuru National Park has lost 7 rhinos this year, 50% of those that have been poached in Kenya. We call upon KWS to take harsh and remedial action against any and all individuals involved in the poaching crisis, whether they are civilians or members of the service.  

We fear that the poaching cow has infiltrated the KWS boma and taken up temporary residence. We call upon those honest, hardworking and loyal KWS to evict these infiltrators immediately and bring the institution back to its former glory.    


Thank You!


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